About Me


About Me

Wouldn’t it be great if my name was not actually Jack Harding and I just thought it was a fun domain name? 

Sorry to say, but I am Jack Harding (The D is for Daniel, my actual middle name. It is also there because the domain for JackHarding(dot)com was over $4500.00 and this felt the next best bet).

So Who Am I?

Well, in another lifetime (read: early 2010’s) I was very passionate about fashion, the fashion industry, and was working to build up a name and reputation for myself. I had interned at a few clothing companies, consulted with others, and even graduated with honours from a Fashion Management program in Toronto. It was during that time I launched my first website, a fashion blog! It quickly became a popular site with fashion tips, tricks, hints, news, and the occasional opinion piece thrown in for good measure. After over 2 years of running the site and working with partners all over the world, the site was acquired and I was left without a platform. 

I took a break from being on the creator side of this world, and moved in-house at a tech startup where I helped grow their audience into the hundreds of thousands and millions, turning them into an industry namesake. From there, I moved to a major award winning agency where I helped lead their digital activities and new business and had the opportunity to work on some fantastic accounts. Since then, I have worked with agencies and clients directly to create award winning strategies, events, activations, etc… 

I also briefly launched my first foray into the food world with my account 500under500. Dedicated to recipes under 500 calories, the account was featured by BuzzFeed, FoodandWine, HuffingtonPostFood, The Globe and Mail, and numerous other sites growing the account to an impressive 50k followers and at its peak, over 100k monthly readers. 

So what am I doing here? 

Well, I’m doing what I have always wanted to do, which was create a place I could share all of my recipes, my stories, my tips and tricks for the home, and document the world via the lens I see it through.

Why Should you Trust What I Have to Say?

Saying “I have great taste, that’s why” doesn’t really work as an answer here does it?

The fact of the matter is you’re always taking a chance when you want to try someone’s recipes. 

I appreciate that, and even more so I appreciate the time and money you spend getting ingredients together and actually cooking some of these recipes. I don’t post recipes I haven’t made (over and over) and that I haven’t perfected. You may see that I’ll share some shots on my Instagram that don’t end up here. That’s because although whatever I may have made that day was great, it may have been too difficult, too expensive, too wasteful, or honestly, just not worth the time and money to make, let alone try and get you to spend your time and money to make it.

I hope that you like what I’ve shared, and always love getting feedback, tips, tricks and advice. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing, and there is always a way to do something better, so feel free to comment on the posts here, or email me at